Testimonials Page

Tailbone pain (Coccydynia)

 I had pain around my tailbone for many years.  I would have extreme pain  after sitting for just a few minutes.  I tried many practitioners for  help.  Finally, I saw Susan.  I can now sit for a long time with no  pain. She made me feel very comfortable during treatments. She’s also helped me with other issues.  I am so  grateful to Susan for giving me relief.  I would highly recommend her to  anyone with tailbone pain. 


Visceral Manipulation and Myofascial Release

After abdominal surgery, my surgeon released me and said I was fine. But I wasn't. I had discomfort from the scar tissue. Susan practiced fascia and visceral manipulation which helped with digestion, bloating and pain. Don't wait too long- relief is available!


Physical Therapy and Wellness


I was referred to Susan O’Carroll by my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor when I began experiencing debilitating lower back pain.  Susan worked in concert with my Doctor to assess and treat my issues.  Unfortunately, in the end, I developed multiple unrelated  orthopedic issues and Susan was indispensable in helping me articulate my situation so my Doctor was able to quickly identify the exact issues that needed to be treated surgically.  

After two surgeries I  continued to see Susan for both Physical Therapy and Myofascial Release,  a combination that helped me to recover as quickly as possible and resume my active lifestyle.  

By my choice, I continue to see her once or twice a month now for maintenance therapy that can, on occasion, include CranioSacral Therapy  or Visceral Manipulation as well.

Susan is not only a consummate  professional but also a very personable and thoughtful person. I am always impressed when she says “I’ve been thinking about your situation  and I have something I would like to try.” Her patients are of utmost importance to her and she is always looking for ways to apply her knowledge or, if needed, to acquire knowledge that furthers treatment.  

I  do, and will continue to, enthusiastically refer her to others when I realize they can benefit from her services. Like me, all my referrals have been very impressed and grateful for the opportunity to have found her!  

 ~ PLC


Women's Health

Susan is a gifted physical therapist who operates miles above others in the field.  She has an outstanding understanding of the interconnections between the pelvic floor, pelvis, sacrum and coccyx. Most importantly, she has an uncanny ability to apply this knowledge to even the most complex and arcane issues experienced by her patients.  
Susan proved to be the BEST in Wilmington. Had I found her three years earlier, I am confident she would have resolved the initial issues I experienced and eliminated years of pain and subsequent complications. This would have resulted in savings of months of time and thousands of dollars spent on unsuccessful physical therapy at ‘top’ groups in the area.

Innate to Susan’s personality are traits that make her a GREAT patient-focused physical therapist:    

  • Totally focused on the patient at every appointment  
  • Always on-time, professional and respectful
  • Prepared for each session having thought through next steps between appointments  
  • Patient, understanding, good-natured and unflappable
  • Excellent communicator - providing straightforward explanations & accurate session notes
  • Willing to openly listen to the patient, comprehend their input, and apply it to treatment … even when symptoms are inconsistent
  • Attuned to the patient and always looking for even the smallest comment that may be pertinent to successful treatment  
  • Persistent and willing to go the extra mile to research and leverage her contacts to identify possible solutions to complex problems
  • Diligent in focusing not only on the problem at hand but also simultaneously  resolving related issues that may result in re-occurrences
  • Able to explain the nuances of exercises in a manner the patient can easily remember
  • Innovative in finding creative solutions to provide the patient with tools they need to replicate treatments at home at little or no cost
  • A forward-thinker who is always extending her knowledge through independent research

 I confidently and enthusiastically recommend Susan to anyone needing physical therapy.

     -- S.F. 

Golf Swing Mobility Program

 Upon completion of this program, I was able to increase my internal hip rotation by approximately two hundred percent.  Better yet, I shot my  personal best score soon thereafter (75).  Rachel and Susan helped me greatly.  

-Clell Hamm